Woldlink Contracting Services

Woldlink facilitates peer to peer contracting services working in partnership with both suppliers/providers and customers/demanders.  This service matches individuals who require services with those who can offer them but also simplifies the invoicing and payment process.

If you need to fulfil a specific requirement or have a service to offer then contact us and see if we can help.

This arrangement of machinery and labour resources allows you to improve the viability of your business whilst retaining flexibility and control.

Ensuring we provide the best quality of service to our customers is important and we pride ourselves on the ability to find a competitive solution for your requirement.

Each of the suppliers/providers will be fully insured and have health & safety policies in place.

Need some more information?

If you require further information or pricing on any product or service please contact Robert Copp on 01507 605230 or email r.copp@woldlink.co.uk

Woldlink Services

  • Snow Clearing & Gritting
  • Drainage, Irrigation & Jetting
  • Construction, Demolition, Concrete & Tarmacing
  • Grass Cutting, & Amenity Work
  • Fencing & Hedging
  • Spraying & Spreading
  • Grass Mowing & Baling
  • All Harvesting
  • Cultivation, Drilling & Ploughing
  • Estate Maintenance, Landscaping
  • Workshop Services, Welding & Painting
  • Haulage, Trailers & Carting